Laura the explorer

I am lost in the in-between/The web of life/The breeze of change/
Debbie Williams

Actually I’ve never done much exploring as being a somewhat introspective person with a career to match, my expeditions have been of the inner self, the maze of Mind, whilst the outer world has acted more as backdrop rather than playground or foreground.

Having left London after many years, I’m now living in Yorkshire and am usually to be found somewhere in England, visiting family and friends. In the virtual world I can be located at PoetryPix, blogging some of my photos and poems.

A ripe old age, the recent loss of my husband, Martin, a kind and generous friend revisited, and one of those opportunities that life throws at us, has flung open the door and stretched wide my horizon in 2020.

There’s no point starting small and so a winter trip to a New Zealand summer is just about as big and vast and light-filled as it gets!